AHornzwinger's Aaltien, CGC (AKC); TD, NS (CKC); UBT1
Breeder: Christiane Benoit
Born: 27-Feb-2017

Sire: Springwood's Willi Cinna, CGN,TD,ME; Sfk, BHP-1
DAM: Koko v. d. unteren Harzstrasse FCI, sfk, BHP-1
See Here for extended Pedigree

Weight: 8.4 kg
Colour: Black/Tan
Free Of crd-Pra  by parentage; EYES OFA CERTIFIED
Tested at VGL UC Davis:OI-CarrieR;
Brown Gene Carrier; 
Furnishings: N/F;
Degenerative Myleopathy: n/N (Free), CLEAR of HUU

Aaltien is Registered with The Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) AND American Kennel Club (AKC)

Aaltien is an enormous energy bundle, with a big heart and great curiosity.

In her first year, she was trained on different scents, tracked moose and deer, and practiced earthdog.

Because aaltien was born in our first litter, we took great care in fostering her instincts and Playfully introducing new learning experiences.

She is a perfect medium of her parents and shows strong work ethic, fearlessness and elegance.

Aaltien experienced her first field trial Weekend 19-20 May, 2018,

On 19-May-18 she passed the Canine Good Citizen Test in Castle Rock, Washington, U.S.a.

On 25-May-19 Aaltien passed her Tracking Dog TEst at the Canadian Service Dog Club Alberta.

On 1-Aug-20 Aaltien passed her Hunting instinct test at elite gun dogs and showed great birdiness.

On 18-Jul-21 AAltien achieved her novice sprinter title at the alberta lure coursing association.

ON 17-Jun-22 AAltien passed her UBT1 (United Blood Trackers) with judge cliff shrader!