Our working Standard Wire-Haired Dachshund

The Dachshund is an ideal companion, working and hunting dog.
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As the smallest hunting breed, they should not be underestimated.
The Dachshund has been an active hunting dog breed for over 300 years.
He is traditionally used to hunt above and below ground.
Blood-Tracking (search of a wounded animal) and den work, as for badger (German:"Dachs") and fox are traditional uses of the Dachshund.
They are also excellent flushers and usually love water retrieval.

Dachshunds in general have a strong sense of self, as a hunting breed they know to think for themselves and learn fast.
They need regular exercise and mental stimulation.

We train our Dachshunds in Earthdog, Tracking and field trials. They are also tested for gun-shyness and have fun in the water.
All our adult dogs have passed a companion dog test ("Begleithundepruefung") and are socially sound and stable.

If you are thinking of a couch potato and are not willing to train your dog, this breed is not for you.
Our Dachshund, or Teckel,  is not the famous American "Wiener Dog"!
It is very important to keep this breed lean and not overfeed them.

A working Dachshund is generally healthy.
Our MAIN BREEDING GOAL IS TO Breed HEALTHY DOGS. We are going above and beyond breeding regulations in Canada, U..S.A. and Europe. .
We also test for genetic diseases, such as cone-rod disease and osteogenesis imperfecta AND Degenerative MyElopathy,  We aRE THE FIRST BREEDER IN CANADA TESTING BREEDING DOGS FOR Intervertebral Disc Disease With Evaluation from FINNISH Specialist Prof. Anu Lappalainen.

For INDIVIDUAL HEALTH RESULTS, PLEASE CHECK our dogs individual pages here on this site.

Their life expectancy ranges from 13 - 17 years.

German Standard Wire-Haired Dachshunds weigh about 7-10 kg.
The wire-haired variety evolved throughout the centuries. Different terrier breeds were inter-crossed with the Dachshund for a coarse and thick under coat with wiry top coat, a beard and prominent eye brows.

The Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI), the European head organization of dog clubs, first published the breed standard for Dachshunds in 1955.

This breed can not live in an outside kennel, as it only thrives with reliable family contact, inside a house or an apartment.
Adult dogs are easily adaptable to Canadian winters and usually do not need coats.
A Wire-Haired Dachshund needs to be stripped or trimmed twice a year.
Regular feet and nail care is necessary as with other breeds as well..

Our dogs at work - Accomplishments

puppies of our first, second and third litter have been sold internationally and are showing valuable in the field.
We are proud of our dogs and very thankful to their owners, who train them so successfully.

Ahornzwinger's Alice (see below, photo courtesy of Cliff Shrader) and her Owner Tara passed the United Blood Tracker Test 1 at just 13 months of age. She is the first titled Dog of our first litter.

For more Success Stories, check out this PAGE on how puppies from our breeding have developed.