SG -Koko von der unteren Harzstrasse FCI, Sfk, BHP1; CGC

Best OF OPen, Best of BITCHES, Dachshund Field Trials

Breeder: Ingrid Renneberg, Germany
Born: July 14, 2015

Sire: Birk vom Trollgrund, SP/J, ESw, SchwHK/40, SCHWHK/J, BHFN, VPOSP/J, BHFK/95/J
Dam: Franzi von der unteren Harzstrasse FCI, BHP1
Colour: Chocolate and tan
Chest Circumference: 38 cm
Working Certificates: Sfk, BHP-1
Koko is a registered Emotional Support Dog, ID:OSDR114408
Free of crd-Pra and OI through parentage.
DNA profile at DTK e.V. 1888.

Koko is a very energetic and curious girl.
she loves tracking ducks and retrieves reliable.
She achieved her earthdog introduction to quarry test.

We are entirely thankful for Koko's patience with us and her determination and love, she has given her puppies.
koko is the DAM of our first (A) and second (B) litter.
she has produced wonderful hunting dachshunds and is now happily retired from breeding.

Grand Master Earthdog 

Versatility Novice

SG - Springwood's WILLI CInna, CGN, JE, SE, JE, ME; TD; Sfk, BHP1

3x Absolute winner dachshund field trials; UBT1 

(continues training and testing)

Breeder: Brigitte Walkey, British Columbia, Canada

Born: June 25, 2012

Sire: Am FCh Billy von Moosbach-Zuzelek, SchwhK, Wa-T, BHP1-3, Sfk, Deer Search Certified

Dam: Aus Ch, Can Ch, Am FCh Ozbree Penelope Spring-Wire, SE, RATO 

For full pedigree, please click here.

Colour: Dark Wildboar

Chest Circumference: 46 cm

Working Certificates: CGN, ME, TD (CKC); Sfk, BHP-1 (FCI)

Show Rating: Sehr Gut (Very Good)

Free of crd-Pra; OI carrier.

Willi carries Black/Tan and Wildboar Coat Genes.

Genetic profile at: Paw Print Genetics

willi is my heart-dog. he is a much larger dog than he physically appears. he is absolutely reliable at work and at home.

willi's determination and work ethic shows in his progeny.

He is the sire of our first (A) Litter.

Willi is father to alice and aaltien, and grandfather to Cree Ma Fille and don giovanni. willi is also grandfather to 

Can Ch bearvalley's neo brown bear, TDM, UBT1, UBT2, bred by tara bear.

Willi is now retired from breeding, but continues to play a vital role in our pack.

One week before his 10th birthday, willi passed the ubt1 (United Blood Trackers) with judge cliff shrader.